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The FlexDex RT Pro 40 Skateboard

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FlexDex RT Pro 40 Skateboard Demo Video

Designed for riders who only accept the best, Flexdex is proud to introduce the Ride Technology (RT) collection. As with all Flexdex boards hailing from the RT collection, the RT Flexdex Pro 40 blasts asphalt, cement and anything else its wheels roll onto. The furthest thing from your standard skateboards, the new Flexdex RT collection are the most high-end, technologically advanced boards in the 2007 line-up.

The Flexdex RT Pro 40 Skateboard

In short, the RT Pro40 is in a class all its own. With a deck produced from the freshest recipe of Flexdex 3/8” material…the BLACK, the RT Pro 40 is lighter, faster, flexier and more responsive than any of its predecessors as well as being better equipped.

Flossing hardware that puts any other board to shame, the RT Pro 40 utilizes the most performance-focused hardware available, delivering the highest rider control of any longboard skateboard its size. The RT Pro 40's supreme flexibility, paired with Randal II 180 racing trucks, 1/4" Vibra Soft risers, 70mm/78a ABEC 11 Flashback wheels and your choice of RocknRon's Ballistech Missiles or Biltin bearings make for a synchronized riding system that combines smooth maneuverability with explosive performance.

Does all that stuff matter? YES. And the RT Pro 40 delivers.

The RT Pro 40 is a dynamic and highly reactive skateboard with an unbeatable arsenal of hardware, yeah…that means it can’t be beat. Combining the patented BLACK Flexdex Pro 40 deck recipe with the industries most technically advanced hardware, the RT Pro 40 provides the highest level of rider control possible.

High-end ABEC 11 Flashback wheels, RocknRon Ballistech Missles or Biltin bearings and Randal II 180 trucks literally solidify the nature of this board. Offering greater stability than the standard model, the RT Pro 40 allows for a unique, tactile style of control as the board holds firm when carving, bombing and hard turning but is equally comfortable laying out massive slides and dynamic, bank shredding laybacks.

Flexdex RT Pro 40 Skateboard Abec 11 Wheels

The RT Pro 40’s tried and true 70mm ABEC 11 Flashback wheels combine a high rebound urethane, wider contact patch and flexible outer lip for incredible smoothness, unrivaled speed and superior traction in turns. The Flashback wheels are perfect for cruising, carving and speed boarding but are also just as easily released by the rider for sliding and park riding, on command.

Ensuring the Flashbacks spin endlessly, the RT Pro 40’s Ballistech Missiles and Biltin bearings are the finest in precision bearing design.

RocknRon Ballistech Missles are constructed using a Non-Contact seal with an Inner Ring Step allowing each of the 7 ball-bearings to float and spin effeortlessly, generating the least amount of friction possible. Guaranteed consistent and even lubrication, the Inner Ring Step allows for the quickest acceleration and highest top end speed of any bearing, anywhere. Equally important, the bearings are used in combination with an exact 10mm spacer to ensure each bearing is working together to evenly share sideloads and keep all four wheels flat on the ground for better wear, perfect alignment and firmly tightened wheels.

Biltin Bearings are the first precision bearing designed for skateboarding that actually incorporates an integrated spacer and washer. The perfectly faced inner races provide precise spacing and exact alignment so that the locknuts can be snuggly tightened without pinching or binding the bearings. The bearings then work together to maintain even side load distribution and keep each wheel flat on the ground for quicker response and higher rider control. The patented system is guaranteed to provide unparalleled performance in any type of riding. Designed to make washers and spacers a thing of the past, Biltins are also easier to maintain than any other bearing.

Flexdex RT Pro 40 Skateboard

Simply put, Ballistech Missiles and Biltin bearings are the best, fastest and most technologically advanced bearings on the market today.

Bringing everything together, the RT Pro 40’s Randal II 180 Carving Trucks provide a responsiveness that is unmatched. Using a reverse kingpin design, the Randal II 180 racing trucks, in combination with the flexible nature of the RT Pro 40’s deck material, allow for 35% higher deck to wheel turning ratio than any other trucks their size, while still maintaining stability thanks to their extremely wide stance. Speed? Stability? Precise turning? Yeah, R IIs do that.

All in all, the RT Pro 40 is it.

We've had our Flexdex 40 at the Boarding Network office for just over 1 year and love it. We use it to cruise up to the sandwich shop, mind surfing the sidewalks and driveways all the way. The board really cruises well and maintains momentum over uneven surfaces without hanging up on rocks and cracks. We moved the back trucks back to gain more flex which for pumping down the line. The Flexdex Pro 40 is so fun to ride and it is amazing how well the wheels hold in on the hard carving cutbacks.

My 10 year old niece rod it and loved it because it is so easy to ride. Now she wants her own Flexdex Pro 40 for Christmas. Boycott the video games and buy skateboard as a gift.

Jason Hennessey

Visit the Flexdex Website to learn more about the Flexdex Pro 40..

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